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Penarth Bowling Club


The origin of bowling in Penarth owes mostly to Messrs. W. H. Hancock & Co., who in 1907 laid a bowling green at the back of he "Penarth Hotel" (subsequently Headlands School), princially for the benefit of the Hotel's guests and patrons.  However, the Hotel manager permitted other players to use the green as long as one rink was available for guests.

It was against this background that a meeting was arranged for the purpose of forming a bowling club for Penarth.  On Wednesday 4th April 1909 an executive committee was formed and decided that a bowling club would be formed and would be called Penarth Bowling Club.

Terms were agreed with Messrs Hancock & Co. for 7 year lease and the firm agreed to erect a pavilion and equip the green for the first year.  On the 15th May the club became affiliated to the W.B.A.  The membership grew in the ensuing years, until 1912 where there was a small exodus to the newly opened Windsor Bowling Club.  Our membership stood at 42 members and there were 17 matches played in that season.  The war years 1914 - 18 caused a reduction in both membership and matches.

In 1907 the Hotel was purchased by Mrs. G. Gibbs for the National Children's Homes.  The club needed new premises.  In 1919 the Earl of Plymouth granted a lease for the use of the quarry below Rectory Road tennis Club.  After much filling in and laying of turf the first woods were bowled on the new green on Monday 9th May 1921.

The new pavilion which replaced an old nissan hut was opened on June 10th 1922.  By 1923 the membership was 102.  A croquet lawn made a brief appearance in the years 1931-32.

 The secand war again affected both matches and membership.

In 1947 radical building work was undertaken with a "Bar" being constructed and the Dinning Room extended.  In 1949 it was agreed that the club be openned on a Sunday.  On the 9th November 1975 the official opening of the Indoor Stadium took place.

Over the years the club has also contributed both time and money to charity work mainly donating to the Marie Curie Hospice.  The club provides a happy social atmosphere where bowling can be enjoyed whatever your ability, and wecome all ages and genders with open arms

Why not drop in and chat with one of the members to find out more about the delights of competitive and social bowling in a friendly and welcoming enviroment.